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The Latest at Oil Paintings Of Animals.com


The latest in the "Oil Paintings of Animals" series: Fighting (5). Click here to view!

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Jujamcyn Theater illustrations

Jujamcyn Theaters

Jujamcyn Theaters is the third-largest company on Broadway and owns five of the Broadway district playhouses including the St. James, Al Hirschfeld, Eugene O'Neill, Walter Kerr and August Wilson. Click here or on the graphic above to view custom illustrations of the theaters which are used for backstage passes and show ID cards.

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Culturalist logo


Culturalist.com is a social network where users shape, share and debate their opinions about anything and everything in the form of Top Ten lists.

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AdmissionPossible.com website

Admission Possible

SAN DIEGO, California - Marjorie Hansen Shaevitz, an award-winning author, speaker and professional counselor asked me to illustrate and design the website for her book book adMISSION POSSIBLE! Getting Into the College of Your Choice.

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Cold Mountain CD packaging

Cold Mountain

On Cold Mountain: Songs on Poems of Gary Snyder is a CD by Karen Clark and the Galax Quartet. I designed the cover of the CD, as well as a 12-page insert illustrating the selected poems. Click here or on graphic above for more.

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Maddock Douglas

Cold Mountain

Innovation consulting firm Maddock Douglas commissioned me to do illustrations featured in an animation for their health insurance client. Click here for the illustrations!



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Sleeping Sleeping Sleeping
sleeping1 Parenting Fighting
Fighting Mating Mating
Shelter Parenting Fighting
Fighting Mating Mating
Shelter Parenting Tribes
Tribes Mating Mating
Shelter Shelter Shelter
Parenting Parenting Fighting
Eating 2 Bear Feeding 2
Feeding 1 Eating 2 Eating 1
Humans Man dogs
dogs sheep Camel
horse armadillo dogs
dogs sheep Camel
horse armadillo sloth
sloth aardvark Elephant
Kangaroo Birds Alligator
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