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Sun, February 6 2011, 9:26 am ET

For the 16 people who view this section of, I'm making a brave attempt to start up my blog again.

And this latest Unkempt format is my official protest against all layouts WordPress. Look at it. Look at it! TAKE IT ALL IN. Bask in the insipid narcissism of commenters and distracting ads. I know aesthetics aren't important to everyone, but for every boring new WordPress website the internet gains, we seem to be losing one great kooky design. People just don't want to spend the time a) viewing or b) creating something interesting anymore.

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Mistah_Lingwisst 18 hours agoReport Abuse

This whole section is an embarrassing load of garbage. Why would anyone waste their time doing this? I don’t get it. There was a time when ppl cared about the English language. Srsly.

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The Rapture  

AmyotDAeleigh 20 hours agoReport Abuse

Well I dont know about what this is about haha. when the lord jesus our saver comes I wonder about if they have farm animals that will go to waste or need to be blessed.

replies (8)

Catholic angst  

AdorableArtChick 2 days agoReport Abuse

Yawn... Get over your Catholic School crap - no one wants to hear it. The world needs another "boo-hoo poor white girl" comic like it needs an oil spill.

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Hott_Butt_Heather3 4 days agoReport Abuse

Your sketches show great potential! You should continue to work on the composition, though - they don't look very professional. I think that if you take a look at my work, it could really help you "get" what being an artist is. You're welcome in advance! :) Link below: portfoliostuff/portfolio.html

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RoaringWomyn 1 month agoReport Abuse

Is this what womyn have fought for all these years? Shoes? Sex and the City has made grrls into a joke. I'm disappointed; you may as well join a Men's Rights group.

replies (5)

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